Up There Somewhere

Up there somewhere

Is an eternal book

In it my Judge will look

My name he will see

 Because Jesus set me free

Up there somewhere

The angels did rejoice

on that day I listened to his voice

and made that wonderful choice

Up there somewhere

Some day I will meet

My Savior and Lord 

and sit at his feet


Up there somewhere

Sits a glorious throne

On it my King who has

prepared my new home

Up there somewhere

I will do one thing

I will bow down

cast my crowns

and forever worship my King 

Up there somewhere 

No more sin worries or fears

No more hatred sorrow or tears

No more poverty hunger or plight

Only life and Love and Light

Where everything is just right

and all are clothed in pure white

Up there somewhere

Are sinners turned saints

who believed on his name

To the Lord Jesus they came

Their lives they had lain

and eternal life they did gain

Up there somewhere

I long to be

I can’t wait to see

My Jesus who died for me




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