When I’ve got a lot of worries and I’ve got a lot of fears

I’ve got a lot of struggles and I’ve got a lot of tears

I come to His feet and lay each one down

I open His word and begin to recount

I think back to the One who wears the crown


He brings to my remembrance through the pages of His book

Where I need to lay my eyes that on Him I should look

I think on the riches of His glory and the majesty of His throne

He sits upon it ruling and reigning He is God alone


He looks down upon me and in His grace reminds me

Though I feel so empty so scared and insecure

In all the uncertainty of this I can be sure

                  He is my Shepherd by my side He will always be

In my stress and anxiety my worry and fear

He is my Savior who will wipe every tear

Where I am weak He is strong

He is my Source He meets every need

All these things I remember as through His story I read


He is my God my Lord and my King

Every sorrow and trouble to Him will I bring

He is my Light in the darkness when I can’t find the way

In the shadow of His wings I will always stay

He is and He was and will always be

Everything to me


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